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The MRTC is also developing a variety of applications that use simpler and far less expensive videoconferencing technology that operates over the plain old telephone system (POTS). These POTS-based technologies offer great promise for the future of telemedicine. It is widely described in topical essays


This is a typical POTS rollabout. These systems are used primarily in our Seeing Is Believing (SIB) program. It’s as simple as a codec/camera (on top), and a regular telephone and television secured to a highly mobile cart. A power cord and plain phone line are the only connections and the user interface is the telephone handset.

Portable POTS - SIB Unit-Click on image for enlarged view
Portable POTS - SIB Unit

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Mobile POTS Unit

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This mobile POTs system allows videoconferencing from a suitcase. It has been used for assessment and management of ulcers and wounds in nursing home patients. It is also suitable for transmission of low quality video and high quality still images in other clinical settings. This system contains a POTS codec, a 3.5 inch LCD monitor, a Sharp View Cam camcorder, and a speakerphone with headset. A power cord and a regular phone line are the only connections.
This is a desktop POTS unit. While we have not found great use for it, we think it is kind of cute!

VC150 ViaTV
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