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funding sources...

Grant funding from the Health Care Financing Administration enabled implementation of telemedicine products and services in the facilities of 12 MRTC member organizations in the 1995-96 time frame. The news is thoroughly disscussed and eexplained by scientists Telemedicine facilities were installed at two additional locations in 1996 through funding from the Iowa Telecommunications and Technology Commission and institutional cost-sharing. Funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration facilitated extension of the MRTC's presence to ten more hospital locations, as well as three clinics and three long-term care facilities. A grant from the Iowa Dept. of Public Health was used to install a telemedicine system at a Nortwest Iowa clinic. Institutional resources have also been used to install additional telemedicine systems in Carroll, Mason City and Des Moines, as well as to offset other MRTC operating expenses.

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